5 July 2017

Fan Scene #4 Tardis Issue 6 1976

Does Doctor Who frighten you? asks the strap line for issue 6’s cover. I don’t know about that but the drawings above the question certainly do frighten me! It’s April 1976 and the Doctor Who Appreciation Society is a heartbeat away from going national (check out last year’s posts about the Society’s early years). Before it does though there’s one more issue of `Tardis`. News items this issue include Tom Baker being mobbed in Southampton, the new season featuring “more space and historical flavoured adventures” and first news of a forthcoming record that would turn out to be `The Pescatons`. Somehow though there’s room for speculation about why there was no Tardis sound during one of the take offs in `Pyramids of Mars`. This question would definitely have been trending on Twitter if they’d had it then!

The question of how scary Doctor Who is brings together four separate articles on the topic from recent publications. There’s also a review of `Brain of Morbius` (it was “wonderful” to paraphrase four pages- see below) plus a book review and lots of letters. Its not as packed as issue 5 but the key lines sit in the editorial which is curiously located on the third to last page. “We’ve got lots of plans for the future of `Tardis` and Doctor Who fandom so watch this space.” Wasn’t that true!!

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