26 May 2017

Golden Mile Years - The Blackpool Doctor Who Fan Gathering Scrapbook

Snapshots from various annual Blackpool Doctor Who fan gatherings.

To provide a flavour of what the Blackpool gathering was like, there's a short video on YouTube made by Kevin Davies of the 1981 gathering and if you look every carefully you’ll see me crossing the road around 3 and a half minutes in with someone wearing a big scarf though that is not really the most exciting moment- unless there was a dinosaur heading for us! You can also see a Sea Devil pootling about. Link to Blackpool 1981 video

The Lyric Hotel where it all took place. I wonder if today's owners speak of it in hushed tones.
1981. CMS was JJJJJ Jeremy Bentham's group after he left the DWAS and he ran the early gatherings inasmuch as they were formally run.

Proof that Doctor Who fans and controversy are never far away from each other. This was circulated amongst 1981 attendees highlighting what its editors saw as discrimination against their zine. Some biting stuff here, my favourite is the accusation that the DWAS Exec "take it in turns to play God". This is nonsense. They took it in turns to play `Seeds of Doom`.

A Cyberman on the loose during the 1982 gathering about to launch into a medley of seaside ditties. Cyberbucket and Cyberspade not pictured.

A trip to the beach was a must but in 1984 we chose to do so at night. As you can see it was not the best year for trousers. Pictured are (l-r) Justin Richards, Peter Lovelady, Paul Desborough, Me, Doug Smith, David Saunders, Andrew Martin and Alec Charles. I think that may be Gary Russell at the back unseen or it might be the Chief Sea Devil looking for Galapagos pellets.

Me and Paul Desborough again from 1984. Paul is nowadays an artist whose work has been exhibited around the world; Google his name and check it out. We're in the Exhibition here probably talking about out planned fanzine Ocean Rain which never quite happened.

The cover of the brochure for the 1985 gathering

Some helpful advice here. What an amazing coincidence the hotel owners were called Mr and Mrs Hoteliers.
This is what actually happened in 1985. Apologies but I'm not sure who most of these people are except for Paul Hickling on the far left but we seem to be having a good time. You see what a screening of `The Pirate Planet` can do to people!

Me and Cyberpal from 1985. Note bizarre top billing for the Garm in the poster behind us.

The 1986 booklet. There wasn't actually a trial btw.

And this is some of the scheduled stuff from 1987, the last one I went to.

Not sure which year but Blackpool was first time I ever saw `The Aztecs`
Happy times and places!!!


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