11 December 2016

Sensorite Gone Wrong!

When I was a child I was a Doctor Who fan (see, not much has changed) and in the fabulous book `The Making of Doctor Who` there was a photo of two Sensorites which I found oddly fascinating. I'd never seen Sensorites before and imagined they were very evil, dangerous aliens. However the book's episode guide told me that in serial code G (which I didn’t even know then was called `The Sensorites` though I might have guessed) the enemy had been a disease killing them so they were not evil. Still they looked it. These aliens were quite unlike anything I’d seen lately which were things like the Sea Devils.  Anyway at the time I was also a member of the Doctor Who Fan Club and members used to send in their drawings so I foolishly drew a picture of a Sensorite and sent it in. 

Now when I say `draw` I doubt if the end result can be classed as an actual drawing.  `Apparition` might be a better description. To my horror this `drawing` appeared in the newsletter a couple of months later (time moved more slowly in the 70s). Ever since my memory of this was that it was just a rubbish drawing that you might expect a child to do and it taught me never to try drawing anything again, a vow I have indeed kept to this day. I had forgotten about it aeons later when I started producing fanzines. I never kept those old DWFC zines in any case so had nothing tangible to remind me of this early creative splurge.
However when the Club's former organiser Keith Miller produced a book about the DWFC a couple of years ago it included reproductions of the old newsletters. Lurking somewhere inside was my Sensorite back to haunt me. 
And what I discovered it that not only is it a terrible drawing but it is totally terrifying!! Like a dark vision from the back of someone’s imagination it is a truly scary monster face that bears little resemblance to a Sensorite at all and looks more like some underworld dwelling Troll from a nightmare. Mind you, perhaps it was a great picture ruined by printing. Whoever typed next to it was certainly having no luck that day as it was labelled an AA Sensorite. If someone's car broke down on the motorway would they really want such a being to come and sort out the situation? Oh and if you do look below then I like to think the shadow creeping into the photo is actually a cloud of doom.
So because eventually we reveal everything online, here is that picture below. 
Really I'd look away now..
Still here? 
Ok, here it is...

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