11 May 2016

Have you encountered Saturday Night Monsters?

In case you don’t know or have been away on holiday to Skaro, I thought I’d remind you about the book Saturday Night Monsters. This is a compilation of Doctor Who articles, features and reviews by various fan writers and originally published (mostly) in the fanzines Faze and This Way Up and now available in this very reasonably priced volume. The articles date from as far back as 1993 and some are as recent as earlier this year and cover all aspects of the series from the start all the way to 2015’s episodes. To find out more about the book click below or check out the tab above. If you’ve already bought it many thanks for doing so, I hope you like it. 

“So , what’s in this book then?”
Features include
The Hinchcliffe Era /  Hartnell historicals Season 21  / The stories of Robert Holmes
   The show’s triumphant 2005 return / The Russell T Davies era/ The Cancellation Crisis
   Missing Episodes / The Trial of a Time Lord season /  The 1983 Longleat event
  Tom Baker’s last season / Bells of Saint John to Name of the Doctor /  
     Robert Sloman’s stories / and more…
There are also reviews of a whole range of stories including Talons of Weng Chiang, City of Death, The Dalek Masterplan, Day of the Doctor,  Carnival of Monsters, Castrovalva, Pyramids of Mars, Tomb of the Cybermen, Human Nature / Family of Blood, Earthshock, Dragonfire, The Tenth Planet, Horror of Fang Rock, Vengeance on Varos, Day of the Daleks, The Macra Terror, Spearhead from Space, Logopolis,  The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End,  The Ice Warriors , Deep Breath, The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances, The TV Movie, Remembrance of the Daleks, The End of Time, The War Machines, The Three Doctors, Amy’s Choice, Blink and many, many more.
Plus some fun bits which we just can't explain here!
It’s written by Sean Alexander, Colin Brockhurst, Roger Jones, Matthew Kilburn, Daniel O’Mahony, Chris Orton, Adam Povey, David Rolinson, Ashley Stewart, Tim Worthington. Oh and John Connors.
All wrapped up with some fab caricatures of each Doctor by Richard Farrell

“How do I buy this amazing book then. John?”
Well you can buy it in printed form (now back in fashion) or as an e-book for Kindle from Amazon; links below.

The book has been so well received I’m considering a second volume because there is loads more stuff that could be used. Watch this space…
Saturday Night Monsters- Even Styggron Likes it!

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